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Automated Personal Finance  in a Google Spreadsheet

Nordveld lets you put your personal finance on autopilot so you can spend time doing what matters most to you.

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Track all your personal finance in one automated platform. 
Get data about your bank feeds, cash flow, assets, liabilities, income, expenses, savings, debts, and more.

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Time is gold - spend it on income-generating activities


Nordveld helps you focus on things that matter most
without putting your personal financial health at risk. 

Our automation finance platform gives you 
the right data when you need it so you can make your 
next wise decisions and plans to achieve your financial goals.


Your Financial Data is Safe & Secure

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Bank-grade Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA)

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Nordveld Team never sees your data

All data is securely stored in the cloud with bank-grade security

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Get automated bank feeds from over 2,500 European financial institutions.

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Nordveld imports your daily bank transactions and balances into your spreadsheets without the tiring manual data entry.


Why Our Users Love Nordveld

Erik Janssen


I can’t believe how easy it is to stay on top of my finances now. Very happy with this service!

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Matt Smit


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I’m not that good with numbers normally. And I had never used a financial spreadsheet before. But the starter template I got with Nordveld was easy and now I care more about where my money goes. It’s nice to have a bit more control, feels free-er for sure to not have to worry about getting through the month.

Emmely Gold


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I hate budgeting. I still don’t budget, but Nordveld has let me gain control over my finances anyway. It’s too easy not to use it honestly.


Shows you where your money is going 

Find those easy to fix expense traps. Nordveld Flow shows you where your money is going so you can easily change any expensive unnecessary behaviours. 

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Automates your expense tracking

How many times have you started budgeting or tried to manage your finances but stopped because you got fed up with manually inputting and categorizing transactions? With Nordveld Flow those days are long gone!

Irresistible Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Provides templates and insights

At Nordveld our mission is to help you become as fluent with your personal finances as you are with your native language. A part of this is to give you a strong head start by the use of templates we are continuously improving and releasing.

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As you grow - we grow

As you grow your skills the spreadsheets you use can grow with you. With spreadsheets you have full flexibility which will support you from beginner to king of PFM*!


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