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Nordveld Flow automates your personal finance management so you can focus on things that matters most.


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Matt Smit


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I’m not that good with numbers normally. And I had never used a financial spreadsheet before. But the starter template I got with Nordveld was easy and now I care more about where my money goes. It’s nice to have a bit more control, feels free-er for sure to not have to worry about getting through the month.

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Nordveld Flow supports aggregate data from over 2,500 financial institutions across Europe, covering at least 95% of the population in the supported markets.

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Works with Top European Banks.
Connect Your Bank Accounts In Minutes.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

No Credit Card Required. Start 30-day Free Trial.


Your Financial Data is Safe & Secure

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Bank-grade Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA)

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Nordveld Team never sees your data

All data is securely stored in the cloud with bank-grade security

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All plans include:

Effortless control of your finances

Effortless control of your finances through Google Sheets integration with 2000+ financial institutions in Europe

More value out of your time and money

More value out of your time and money by using the continuously updated and improved Google Sheet templates for personal and small business use

Collect and view ALL of your bank data

Collect and view ALL of your bank data in one single place, following the journey of your personal finances through net worth reports, balance sheets and so on.

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