About Us

About Us


Nordveld is made in Sweden and the name to us brings to mind the beautiful northern nature, with peaceful fields, hills and wildlife stretching out in what feels like an infinite distance in front of you. This environment and its precious eco-system of wildlife has fostered a stillness and peace within us which we want to do our best to share, preserve and nurture.

In our own lives we have seen that being stressed by money-related issues makes it harder to enjoy what we love the most. We see stress, burnout and unnecessary suffering as a big problem in the world right now.

On the other hand, we have also seen how easy it can be to end this stress and chronic suffering by taking a bit of control back. Now we want to share the tools and methods we have used which have re-enabled us to peacefully enjoy what we love the most.


Wikipedia states the following about being fluent:

The quality of consistently applying skill correctly in the manner of one well-practiced at it, requiring little deliberate thought to perform without mistakes

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At Nordveld we want everyone to feel as fluent with their personal finances as they do with their native language.

As such, our mission is to remove as many obstacles as possible for you in order to reach that goal, no matter if they are technical or educational in nature.

We believe that good things come to all of humankind when as many people as possible can be free to do what they do the best.

It is in our interest to ensure that you can be in stress-free control of your finances and grow your wealth and freedom while spending the minimum amount of effort doing so.


We do this by applying many years of experience in software, finance and FinTech to bring to you the best tools and the most relevant knowledge. We aim to help you make progress towards your financial- and life-goals so you can relax, enjoy the journey and do more of what you love.