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How it Works

How it Works


Nordveld gives you time back

in life by automating the boring tasks


3 steps to install

Don’t have a Gmail account? Go here first

Sign in Free to Nordveld Platform

Watch Video Tutorial & 
Install Add-on

Add One or More Banks to
Import from & You’re Done


Supported banks

Nordveld Flow supports aggregate data from over 2,500 financial institutions across Europe, covering at least 95% of the population in the supported markets. Unsure if your bank is supported? You can try the free 30 day trial - it’s the easiest way to know if Nordveld Flow supports your particular bank!

Is your bank not supported? We recommend banking with Bunq

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What's in the box?

With the power of automation and the starting point of the templates you can finally get stress-free control and confidence in your personal finances.

Finally get stress- and effort-free control of your finances

Automated import of balances and transactions

Click - done! A click is all it takes to trigger an import. And better yet, the default mode is that it happens automatically regularly.

See your net worth grow over time

See how you are faring over time. Make informed decisions about lifestyle choices with the insight automatically provided by Nordveld Flow. 

Get started easily and fast with the starter template

Unsure how to start? Unsure if what you are currently doing is optimal? We continuously listen to your feedback and improve the personal finance template included with Nordveld Flow. 

Starter template for small business finance management

Freelancers, small business owners; with spreadsheets you get exactly the customisation you are used to. Nordveld gives you even more freedom to create by automating your bank connections. Build any sheet and make use of all or just parts of what Nordveld offers!

Immediate understanding of your finances with the “at-a-glance” dashboard

We want everyone to do what they love and do best. As such, we have designed a dashboard which gives you what you need to know at just a glance. 



Erik Janssen


I can’t believe how easy it is to stay on top of my finances now. Very happy with this service!

​Erik Janssen.png

Matt Smit


Matt Smit.png

I’m not that good with numbers normally. And I had never used a financial spreadsheet before. But the starter template I got with Nordveld was easy and now I care more about where my money goes. It’s nice to have a bit more control, feels free-er for sure to not have to worry about getting through the month.

Emmely Gold


Emmely Gold.png

I hate budgeting. I still don’t budget, but Nordveld has let me gain control over my finances anyway. It’s too easy not to use it honestly.

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