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Setting Up Your Hands Off Money Flow

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Nordveld Flow automates your personal finances so you have more time for the things you love doing. However, as with any other tool, to reap the maximum benefits you should have a specific plan, a template for your personal budget. Having the right tool is just one part of the equation. The other is to set yourself up for success at the very beginning of your journey towards financial freedom. At Nordveld Flow we want to help you become as fluent with your personal finance as you are with your native language. Starting not in a month, not in a week... or even tomorrow. Starting Today! So we will give you a way to harness the full potential of Nordveld Flow. A personal finance model that has helped millions of people around the world to begin amassing wealth. A system that has proven itself in time and is bound to generate real results. We call it the Hands Off Money Flow.

But before we share the details let’s explore why you should adopt this system.

Why Use The Hands Off Money Flow?

We live in the information age, the era of technological advancement.

Sometimes technology could be quite addictive and time-consuming (yes, we are all on social media).

At the end of the day, however, it is meant to make our lives easier and actually, save us time and effort. So why not take advantage of that? In the past, people had to follow strictly certain financial concepts their entire life to generate a fortune. Now you can put these financial principles on autopilot from the get-go with personal finance apps and personal budget excel templates. And if you are fed up with money slipping through your fingers maybe the time for a change has come. We have all been there. It’s the same old story.

You get your salary. Fast forward two weeks, you’re left with too little in your bank account...but you have bills to pay, a date or two with prospective men/women and of course, a few birthday parties for which you don’t even have gift ideas, let alone money. You promise yourself things will change just to find you are in the exact same position the following month. Well, you don’t need to wait anymore. You don’t have to suffer from financial setbacks over and over again. Combining Nordveld and the Hands Off Money Flow will help you:

  • Know exactly where your money is going all the time, effortlessly (no mental gymnastics needed)

  • Start saving on autopilot and avoid the temptation to spend your hard-earned cash on unnecessary items

  • Make your money work for you and build your nest egg

  • Spend guilt-free and enjoy yourself (well-deserved!)

  • Reach your financial goals faster and with less stress

So without further ado let’s dive into the system.

The Hands Off Money Flow

After you complete this guide you’ll be able to sit back, relax and watch your financial life get better on autopilot. To make it as easy as possible, we divided the process of setting up your Hands Off Money Flow into 3 simple, actionable steps. Let’s begin!


This is the preparation phase where you need to set up 3 separate bank accounts. Ideally, they will have different IBANs but you’ll still be able to see (and manage) all of them in one convenient place. You also need to make sure these accounts have the ability to send/receive automatic recurring payments.

If you are not sure which bank to use to achieve that, as Fintech geeks and fans of modern solutions that make your life easier, we recommend using Bunq.

So the 3 accounts should be as follows:

1. Salary Account 2. Savings Account

3. Daily Expenses Account

You can also prepare your investment accounts as you’ll need them in the next step as well. If you don’t have investments yet, don’t worry. Once you start implementing the Hands Off Money Flow you will soon have the required capital to start investing.


In this step, you should set automatic payments between your already active accounts. To give you a visual representation of how things should look like consider the illustration below.

Now let’s explain the process in detail. You want your salary to be automatically deposited into your Bank Account (Salary Account) which you can arrange with your employer. Then, as a general rule, 1-2 days after you receive your salary you want to set up a few automatic payments. First and foremost, you should have a recurring payment towards your Savings Account, where we recommend you allocate at least 10% of your income. This is in alignment with a key concept in personal finance and that is Paying Yourself First. The principle states that saving and investing a portion of your money should be your first job with any income you receive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much (or how little) you are making. That’s because bad financial habits are transferable. Meaning if you don’t save €1 from €10 Euro you most likely won’t save €100,000 From €1,000,000 as well.

By automating this part of your personal finance you are already ahead of 99% of people who haven’t adopted this model yet. To track your progress you can use Nordveld Flow which could probably be the best budgeting software for this purpose right now. After you make sure your money is on its way to your savings and investment accounts you can take care of your Fixed Bills. For example, this could be an insurance payment, mortgage or personal loan instalment (for a fixed amount) you need to pay each month. Next, you need to set up your weekly allowance for Daily Expenses. If you already have an amount that works for your lifestyle go with that. Otherwise, you can take the leftover in your Salary Account after your savings and investments are made and your fixed bills are paid and divide the amount by four. Or use information from the Financial Dashboard Sheet or Categories Sheet in Nordveld Flow to figure out that amount. Then set up a weekly recurring payment for your desired amount from your Salary Account to your Daily Expenses Account. A crucial concept here is that money in your daily expense account is spent guilt-free.

Automatic weekly allowance from your bank salary account to daily expenses account

When most people start out with personal finance they make the false assumption that it’s all or nothing. They go to extremes, saving every penny and as a result, they often start feeling miserable, ruin their relationships and live just to work, earn and safe. We believe that life isn’t meant to be like that.

You shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness to achieve financial freedom. There is no need to compromise with your lifestyle or live way below your means. When you have set up your saving and investing efforts on autopilot and you also paid your bills, you can now start enjoying your money completely guilt-free.

And nobody (including you) should be able to put you down or make you feel at fault about spending this money on whatever your heart desires.


We gave you the blueprint to automating your finances but that doesn’t mean you have to stop here. You can build upon that system and amend it according to your liking. For instance, you can further segregate your savings accounts by opening a “New Car” account or why not a “Vacation” account.

If you receive any personal business income you can have a separate “Business Income Account” and “Estimated Tax” account where you allocate your estimated tax deduction (no more surprise bills).

The possibilities are endless!

Nordveld Flow can help you track and manage all of your financial efforts, see trends over time and make little adjustments that will have a great impact.

So there you have it. Your personal finance completely hands-off. Automated and effortless!

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