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Getting Started with Nordveld - Installing the add-on to your Device, Trial, and Paid Subscription.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The path to improving any area of your life, including your finances, usually starts with a single small step. We followed this principle when deciding how to structure your Nordveld onboarding.

There is no room for complicated installation and setup processes when your financial health is at stake. This guide will help you setup Nordveld Flow in less than 2 minutes. So you have more time for the things you truly cherish.

May your brighter financial future begin now. Effortlessly.

How Does Nordveld Function?

Nordveld Flow is a Google Sheets add-on and as such, you can find it listed on Google Workspace Marketplace. The installation process is super simple, just like adding an extension to your browser! There is no need for downloading and running installation files or following complex setup processes.

Once you add the app, you can enable it easily on Google Sheets. Simply open a new sheet, go to “Add-ons” and initialise Nordveld Flow. Soon after, all templates will load and you can start using it just like some other personal finance apps.

You can always access the Nordveld Flow control panel through the “Add-ons” tab in Google Sheets. A recommended step, in the beginning, is to connect your bank accounts through our bank-grade security authentication process.

In the highly unlikely event you have a bank account that is not supported, you can utilize the manual accounts function. You can also use the same function to add any non-bank assets or liabilities, like your crypto portfolio or outstanding mortgage balance.

To get started with Nordveld Flow, you can go and search the app directly on Google Workspace Marketplace. Whether you choose to do that or find the add-on directly on our website, you can take advantage of the 14 days trial period and try Nordveld Flow for free.

Trial Period

There are many software providers who offer trials, but a lot of them use an approach that isn’t quite fair. Yes, they give you access to their tools, but they keep the most useful features unavailable... until you pay. This is like inviting you to a food degustation party, but not letting you taste the most delicious meals until you pay.

We don’t like to be bad party hosts. For that reason, we give you access to full functionalities during your Nordveld Flow trial period, where we make sure you stay on a tasty and healthy financial diet.

You also get access to our 24/7 support and if you are not happy, you can cancel at any time.

Paid Subscription

So you might be wondering. If the trial period gives you access to Nordveld’s full features and functionalities, what is different with a paid subscription. The answer is simple. Nothing. You just extend your access to the best budgeting software features you've been using so far. When your trial period ends and no payment is made, your Nordveld Flow add-on just stops working and updating. To keep it running you should simply make a small payment and continue using our personal budget excel templates. Remember that if you have any troubles with the payment, you can always reach out to our friendly support team directly from the Nordveld settings tab or through our website contact form.

Welcome onboard to Nordveld Flow! Your personal finance done effortlessly.

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