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Nordveld listed on Bunq’s App Marketplace

Fintech Marketplace - A particular point of interest for anyone even slightly interested in the Fintech space or “modern” banking services. In short the Fintech (or App) Marketplace is a collection of typically third-party value-adding services directly or indirectly related to personal- or business-oriented banking activities.

Fintech (or App) Marketplace is a collection of typically third-party value-adding services

The Fintech Marketplace came to be a buzzword a few years back when European banks started to realize that they would have to open up their APIs (and thus data) in the coming years as pressure from the regulators in the EU increased. With this regulatory mandate, the Open Banking age was born.

Back then, you typically had two types of reactions from the banks to this development;

  1. This is bad news, I will lose exclusivity to my customer data and thus competitive edge and my cost/income ratio will worsen

  2. This is good and inevitable news, this is an incredible opportunity to improve the user experience and cross-pollinate value from different domains!

The players in the second camp very quickly came to the conclusion that an API “economy” would grow out of the ensuing turbulence. These players did their best to rapidly position themselves in such a way as to get first mover’s advantage in this new API-enabled reality. The promise of an API-enabled bank was huge; it would among other benefits mean that 3rd party developers could start creating an eco-system of services around the bank, further bringing value to the end-user and increasing relevance and thus screen-time for the bank.

One such player who moved faster than anyone else, and still does, is Bunq - the Dutch bank of the free. I remember several years ago reading their announcement that they would allow any interested aficionado with a Bunq account to make use of their API.

This was so far ahead of its time and their competitors that it was akin to the first iPhone reveal by Steve Jobs. Back then it took years for the industry to catch up with Apple and that dynamic is pretty much what happened and still is happening in the Financial Services industry as a whole, where Bunq from an innovation standpoint very much is leading the pack in Europe and probably the western world.

Bunq has said numerous times that the only 2 things you can definitely expect from them is that your money is safe and that they WILL innovate, whether you like it or not.

Nordveld is a service born in the cloud and on top of Fintech innovation.

Nordveld is a service born in the cloud and on top of Fintech innovation. We don’t have a server anywhere and no store of banking data. Nordveld as a company would not exist if it weren’t for the progress Bunq and the Fintech sphere at large has made in the last few years. The development on that front is staggering and definitely encouraging.

More and more we are seeing that normal people like you and me get to reap the benefits of the technical progress of modern banks such as Bunq. Services like Nordveld see the light of day, previously not possible without massive funding and years of development.

As a company, we very much believe in that bold action is required to move a stagnated industry forward. Nordveld is on a mission to democratize personal financial fluency and are fully aware of the bold actions and decisions which will undoubtedly lie ahead of us. And as such, it is with our utmost pleasure that we announce that Nordveld is now listed on the Bunq App Marketplace - their version of a Fintech Marketplace.

Nordveld Flow is now listed on the Bunq App Marketplace

This collaboration makes it even easier for anyone to create a fully personalized and automated personal finance system, no matter previous experience or not.

This announcement is a great signal of the type of innovation which is to come for the people looking in the right places. Since you’re reading this, you seem to be ahead of the pack as well!

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