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Nordveld Settings Tab - How to Use It

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In this article, you will learn how to use the Nordveld Flow settings tab and how the different functions embedded in it can affect other information throughout other personal budget excel templates in Nordveld.

Let’s go!

How to Access the Settings Tab

You can find the settings tab by opening the Nordveld Flow control panel. To do that, hover over the Add-ons option on your Google sheet, choose Nordveld and click on Open Control Panel.

Options in the Settings Tab

When already in the control panel, simply click the third option, which says “Settings”. A menu with options will open. Let’s examine each one by one. The “Auto-update” button is enabled by default in Nordveld Flow and it updates data in the sheet automatically every hour. That means all transactions taking place in your connected accounts and all new information entered into your manual accounts will refresh every 60 minutes.

You can turn off the button at any time. However, if you do that, Nordveld Flow will stop rendering up to date information about your personal finance. So if there isn’t a very specific reason why you need to turn this off, just keep the button active.

Next is the “Auto Read Balance” button, which has a more specific function. You want to turn on that button when you have manually added a sheet that has a linked cell to any of your manual accounts. The “Create Income Planning Sheet” is automatically enabled in Nordveld Flow, similar to the “Auto-update” button. As the name suggests, the function of this button is to simply create your Income Planning sheet, which is arguably one of the most important sheets in Nordveld flow. Lastly, there is the “Select Main Currency” option. You can use this to change the main currency throughout all Nordveld Sheets. If you have accounts in other currencies, Nordveld will automatically convert the amount to your main currency when calculating things like your net worth. That is done using accurate up to date currency information from Google Finance.

Now that you know how to use the settings tab, you can enjoy your Nordveld Flow experience to its fullest. Automated and effortless.

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