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The TX Sheet - Complete Overview of Your Transactions

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The Transactions Sheet or TX Sheet, in short, is the place where you can see detailed information about all transactions from all bank accounts you have connected to Nordveld Flow.

Let’s explore what information it contains and how it interacts with other personal budget excel templates and information in Nordveld Flow.

Transaction Sheet Information

The data present in the TX sheet is pretty straightforward. The first fields give you information about the bank account provider, the account name and type (think checking, savings or credit card account) and the corresponding IBAN. Similar to a banking log, you can also see the date of the transaction, its description and whether it’s a debit transaction (out of your account) or a credit transaction (in your account). In the common case, it’s normal to see more debit than credit transactions. You would also notice each transaction has a unique ID. A field that can definitely catch your attention as it can’t be seen with your regular bank provider is the Categories field. That’s the Nordveld Flow feature which automatically categorises transaction without you lifting a finger.

Currently, all processes in the sheet are fully automated and thus, can’t be changed manually. Only transactions from connected accounts populate on the TX sheets. Unfortunately, transactions from manual accounts can’t be automatically or manually inserted into the sheet at this point.

For that reason, if you notice any issues, for instance, transactions not being categorised correctly, you can reach out to our customer support team and provide your user key so we can troubleshoot on our end.

How does the TX Sheet Interact with other Sheets?

Information from the category tab in the TX field is automatically transferred to the Categories Sheet, where you receive a combined overview of your spendings per category. There you can also set budgeting limits for your expense categories. It works like an automated budget calculator. Another sheet pulling and summarising data from the TX sheet is the Profit and Loss Sheet, where you can view your total income vs total expenses. Finally, you can see information from the Transactions sheet also affecting your net worth as each of your connected accounts and its overall balance is present in the Net Worth Sheet. That’s how Nordveld Flow puts an end to the most annoying part of personal finance. The constant recording and categorising of transactions. Welcome to the future of your budgeting. Easy. Automated. Effortless.

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