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Why Choose Nordveld

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Hi there! If you are here, chances are you are willing to take control of your finances or excel further in your financial life. And honestly, you are probably prepared for some serious work.

Yet, what if we tell you there is an effortless way to manage your finances more effectively than ever before?

Just imagine... being able to track all your income and expenses on autopilot. No constant and boring transaction inputs. No overly complex, expensive software. The end of you losing track of your finances. Even if you failed multiple times in the past.

Envision your financial life. At a single glance. Easy, simplified, automated.

Welcome to the future of personal finance management. Welcome to Nordveld Flow - your Google Spreadsheet add-on for personal finance automation.

Why Now Is The Right Time For Nordveld Flow

In our fast-paced society, we rarely have time to take care of ourselves and enjoy life. Constantly bombarded with tasks that take up our attention and drain our energy, we are often left with no motivation for improvement.

Unfortunately, finances are one important aspect of our lives we simply cannot afford to ignore. If we do, we usually pay a high price and face severe consequences. Stress and burnout have become a part of our everyday life. When you put financial problems on top of that, our health and relationships begin to suffer as well. On the positive side, we live in a time where information flows freely. Frankly, the online space is full of great advice on becoming successful with your personal finance.

However, two fundamental obstacles are standing in the way of those who strive to improve their financial life. Firstly, budgeting advice is too difficult to learn and follow. Secondly, the whole process is excessively time-consuming. Nordveld Flow was created with the mission of inventing solutions to these problems.

Our concept is simple yet innovative, using interactive personal budget excel templates that work as an automatic budget calculator to streamline your finances. Without further ado, here are 3 ways Nordveld Flow will help you improve your current financial life as soon as today. So you’ll never have to look back.

1. Saves Your Time

It’s true that if you spend a lot of time dealing with financial matters and tracking everything, you will improve. But what about spending time with your family and friends? What about going in nature, exercising, and taking care of yourself? Even though you could be part of the small group of people who enjoy monitoring their finances closely, why waste your time when you can achieve the same or even better results in less time? By utilizing technology, Nordveld puts your finances on auto-pilot and saves you precious time, so you can focus on what’s really important to you and do what you truly love. You can finally leave the boring money stuff to technology.

2. You Learn in Action

It can be hard to go through the process and obtain the necessary knowledge to handle their personal finance. However, implementing this knowledge and being consistent with your actions is where most individuals struggle. The reasons are many, but very often, that happens because people are using outdated tools that are too complex and inefficient.

We provide you with intuitive and easy-to-use personal finance templates. So you can learn personal finance on the go!

3. Helps You Identify Unnecessary Spending Behaviours

Do you know how bad spending behaviours slip through? We simply don’t pay attention and forget about them. They are usually small and annoying.

Nordveld will expose these tiny, mischievous habits automatically. Very soon, you will have a clear picture of exactly how much you spend on your card for coffee or going out to restaurants. Without having to pull your budgeting notebook or personal finance apps five times a day to write these down carefully.

We Grow Together

As you master your personal finance we listen, update our templates and add new ones, to provide you with a personal finance solution that is truly personal. Join us on that journey and together, we will make your financial struggles a history!

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